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Hall of Fame Honorees

Hall of Fame Membership
Given in recognition of those who have supported the Athletic Training profession through state activities, worked to establish the profession of Athletic Training, and been involved in the caring of the athletes of Florida. Nominees must be Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainers with 20 years experience and a minimum of 20 years service in the State of Florida. Activities in ATAF, SEATA, and the NATA will be most heavily weighted. Other professional areas of consideration include research, clinics, presentations and lectures, state meetings, publications, and other honors and awards. Members of ATAF can make nominations. 

*All HOF nominations must be sent directly to

ATAF Hall of Fame Honorees

2022            Elaine M. Judy, LAT, ATC

                    Kristen Couper Schellhase, EdD, LAT, ATC

                    Steve Walz, MA, LAT, ATC

2019            Glenda Hammons, LAT, ATC

                    Dan Teahan, LAT, ATC

2018            Bo McDougal, LAT, ATC

2016            Bob Hammons, LAT, ATC

2015            Don Teahan, LAT, ATC

                    Jerry Stevens, LAT, ATC

2012            Gary Gillis, LAT, ATC
                    Kevin Mathews, LAT, ATC


2011            Joe Underwood

2009            Stephanie Lennon, ATC, LAT

2008            Marisa Brunett, ATC, LAT,

                    Christina Booe-Farley, ATC, LAT

                    Tim Kocher, ATC, LAT

2007            Randy Oravetz, ATC, LAT

2006            Tony Jonaitis, ATC, LAT

                    Roger Mosure, ATC, LAT

                    Ray Rodriguez, ATC, LAT

                    James Terwilleger, ATC, LAT

2005            Larry Starr, MEd, ATC, LAT

2004            Frank Grimaldi, MSEd, ATC, LAT

                    MaryBeth Horodyski, EdD, ATC, LAT

                    Tim McLane, MBA, ATC, LAT

2003            Scott Anderson, ATC, LAT

                    Barry Clements, ATC, LAT

2002            Brady Greathouse

2001            Steve Glickman, ATC, LAT

2000            David Wike, ATC

1999            Jim Mackie, ATC, LAT

                    Ken Schields, ATC, LAT

1998            Joe Bourdon, ATC, LAT

                    Joe Dollar, DPM

1995            Don Fauls, ATC
                   Chris Patrick, ATC

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