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Hall of Fame Legacy Scholarship

The ATAF Hall of Fame Legacy Scholarship was initiated shortly after the
untimely death of Steve Glickman, LAT, ATC, PT, LMT in July of 2011. Steve was, and continues to be, the epitome of the athletic training profession. His professional and personal life personified the unselfish caring and service to everyone who could benefit from the education, training, experience and care that he so nobly provided. This scholarship was given the name Legacy to honor ATAF’s Hall of Fame members and to encourage the future generations of athletic trainers who will continue the legacy of so many selfless, dedicated and caring individuals who paved the way for the noble profession they will serve.  

The need to support the academic development of future athletic trainers is an enormous task. College costs are forever increasing and scholarship assistance is unable to keep up with the need. The ATAF Hall of Fame members have taken it upon themselves to develop, grow and nurture this much needed program, but cannot meet the goal alone.  Please consider donating to this endeavor.


Legacy Scholarship Requirements
This award is given by the ATAF Hall of Fame in honor of a current member of the Hall of Fame.  It is given to students enrolled in a CAATE accredited professional program or post-professional program. (Post-professional Program students must be BOC certified and FL Department of Health licensed). 


The student must fit the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in a CAATE accredited Athletic Training Program in Florida.

  • Must be member or student member of the NATA

  • Must have a letter of recommendation from the program director or clinical education coordinator . When completing the nomination process the sponsoring AT should address the nominee’s qualities and abilities in the areas of academics, athletic training and community service/involvement.

  • Post-professional Program students must be BOC certified and licensed by the FL Department of Health

  • GPA of 3.0 or above

  • CANNOT be on full scholarship.


In lieu of a cover letter please submit a one-page biographical sketch which includes your professional plans after graduation and why you think you should be considered for this scholarship.


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