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National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers. In addition to providing logos, posters, press releases, sample media alerts and PR toolkits, NATA also sponsors contests for its members.

The 2017 slogan is "Your protection is our priority."

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Tampa Bay Rays Athletic Training Coordinator, Joe Benge, LAT, ATC, wins the Minor Leage Athletic Trainer Of the Year Award.

At the 2015 MLB Winter Meetings PBATS announced Joe Benge, Tampa Bay Rays athletic training coordinator, as the winner of the Minor League Athletic Trainer of the Year award.

“Joe is such an enthusiastic and energetic athletic trainer. He wants to learn everything there is to know about this profession. And it’s clear that he has extremely high aspirations and goals within the profession and the game of baseball,” PBATS President Mark O’Neal said. “I don’t think anyone is surprised that Joe won this award. Ron Porterfield and the staff in Tampa are lucky to have him. We all look forward to seeing what Joe accomplishes over the next couple of years.”

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Sarah Murphy, LAT, ATC, CSCS spent 9 days volunteering in Haiti with Lifeline Christian Mission. During that time she was part of a team of Physicians, Nurses, other medical professionals and non medical professionals who were there to help bring medical care to this under-developed country. During her time there she was able to perform a wide range of tasks from administering asthma treatments, assisting in surgery, sterilizing and packaging surgical equipment and wound care. Sarah was able to spend a lot of time doing orthopedic care. Teaching stretching exercises to patients with CP, applying donated braces to patients who were injured in machete accidents, and teaching proper lifting techniques and other exercises to help decrease low back pain. This was Sarah’s 9th trip to Haiti and it is something that she will continue to in the future.

ATAF is proud to have Sarah as a member and keep up the good work Sarah!!

Barry University busy during NATM 2016

Barry University Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program promoted the profession at a local informational fair on campus, attended a podiatry medicine professional workshop for an interdisciplinary opportunity, and donated $500 from the AT club funds towards building a library in Zambia, Africa in efforts to support the first lady, Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” campaign!


The Florida State University Student Athletic Training Association sponsored the Second Annual Don “Doc” Fauls Legacy Lecture Series

Last year marked the inaugural event with a presentation of Doc’s life and accomplishments, as well as a lecture on the new athletic training practice act. This year, in continuing with the tradition of the series, they were honored have with us as their special guest Mr. Doug May, NATA Hall of Fame member and former vice-president of the NATA, who served an early part of his career as an assistant athletic trainer under Doc Fauls. The large group of current and aspiring athletic training students, as well as staff, enjoyed an evening of stories related to the national, SEATA and local history of the profession and a narrative of the contributions made by many of the individuals who helped make the profession what it is today.

National Champion Athletic Trainers

Kelly Bridges MS, LAT, ATC and Michael Watkins won the 2014-2015 NCAA Division 1 National Championship with University of Florida Women’s Gymnastics!

Robin Gibson, LAT, ATC and Miguel Motolongo, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS won the 2014 NCAA Division 1 National Championship with Florida State University Women’s Soccer. Robin is pictured here (left) with Miguel (Middle), and Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Bill Thompson (Right)

Rob Boutote, MS, LAT, ATC won the 2014 NCAA Division 2 National Championship with University of Tampa Women’s Volleyball. He is pictured (right) here with head coach Chris Catanach (Left).

Al Green, MA, LAT, ATC, EMT, Meghan Cartafalsa, Kayshia Brady, and Sue Stanley-Green, MS, LAT, ATC won the 2014-2015 NCAA Division 2 National Championship with Florida Southern Men’s Basketball.

Ryan McCrea, MS, LAT, ATC won the 2014 NCAA Division 2 National Championship with Lynn University Men’s Soccer and in 2012.

Scott Freer, MS, LAT, ATC and Kristin Sitte, LAT, ATC won the 2015 NCAA Division 2 National Championship with Men’s Tennis at Barry University.

Kassandra Mosley, LAT, ATC won the 2015 Division 2 National Championship with Barry University Rowing Team.

Katie Davis, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS won the 2015 Division 1 National Championship with the University of Florida Softball Team.

Jason Palmateer, LAT, ATC won the 2016 Division 2 National Championship with the Nova Southeastern Baseball Team.

Kassandra Mosley, MS, LAT, ATC won the 2016 NCAA Division 2 National Championship with the Barry University Rowing. Kassandra also won the 2015 National Championship with them as well.

Paul Giannotti, MEd, LAT, ATC and the rest of Rollins College Sports Medicine Department won the 2016 NCAA Division 2 Women’s Golf National Championship.

Paige Lehmann, MEd, LAT, ATC, Andy Klock, MESS, LAT, ATC, ASTYM, and Devon Leahy, LAT, ATC won the 2016 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Outdoor Track and Field National Championship for the University of Florida.

Barbara Wilson, MS, LAT, ATC won the 2016 NCAA Division 2 Women’s Golf National Championship with St. Leo University.

ATAF Mission

The Athletic Trainers’ Association of Florida, Inc (ATAF) is an organization whose membership is dedicated to the comprehensive health care of our state’s athletes and other physically active individuals. The mission of the ATAF is to offer a diverse range of services to its members, while protecting the public’s interest by seeing that certified, licensed athletic trainer’s are available to provide proper medical care to our state’s athletes and the physically active.

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