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College and University Athletic Training Committee (CUATC)


The purpose of this committee is to represent the college staff athletic trainers in the state of Florida. The CUATC and ATAF are committed to the advancement of our profession through education, community engagement, legislative efforts, and professional development that is focused on patient-centered care and developing future athletic trainers.  We serve as a resource for all collegiate athletic training related issues.  We attempt to have representation of college athletic trainers across the state from every region of ATAF (Panhandle, Northeast, Central, West, South I, and South II).  We have a committee member from each collegiate level (NCAA Division I, II, NJCAA, and NAIA).  We also provide an informative session during the ATAF annual meeting.  We want our committee members to communicate with the college ATs in their respective region.  We strive to disseminate pertinent information from the state, district and national levels to the staff ATs throughout Florida.  Each Regional Member works to maintain an active list of all Florida collegiate athletic trainers. Our hope is to strengthen our connections with our colleagues working in the collegiate setting and to be a resource for each other.  Our goals are to increase the spread of this information and continue to support the collegiate staff athletic trainers in Florida.  Please contact committee chair, Jarrett Schweim or your Regional Representative for more information.  





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