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Secondary Schools Athletic Training Committee (SSATC)


The purpose of this committee is to identify and address issues of concern to the athletic trainers in the Secondary School setting and to assist with resources needed to communicate better with the school districts and leadership.


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Youth Sports Safety Alliance Resources

Patient Care Infographics



FHSAA Consent and Release from Liability Certificate EL03

FHSAA Post Head Injury/ Concussion Initial Return to Participation AT18


Zachary Martin Act

              Zach Martin Foundation

              Environmental Monitoring

              Parent Education

              Emergency Action Plan

              KSI Example Template

              High School Athletic Directors and Athletic Trainers: Send your EAP to for review.


Safe Sports School Award: Recognizes secondary schools that take steps to keep their athletes free from injuries.

SEATA Grant- Safe Sports School



              Mentor Letter

              Mentor Survey

              Mentee Letter

              Mentee Survey



Would you like to nominate a Secondary School Athletic Trainer for their enhancement of athletic training in the secondary school setting in Florida? Visit the awards page on the ATAF website!



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